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The month of September will be our birthday month with many surprises every night and many prestigious guests including Betty Benetti, Cindy Bastien, and Noémie Vicente.

Limousine Service & Show.

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Our Gentlemen’s Club is a club that offers continual Pole Dance performances and related services such as Lap Dances in the public lounge or in private rooms.
Alone or with friends, this unique and mythical place in the region of Nantes welcomes you to have a seat at its American-style bar for a nice drink or in the main lounge with a bottle of the finest champagnes and admire the artists throughout the course of the evening.
You can spend the evening in an intimate Club while enjoying a chic and glamorous ambiance, and if you would like (since at the Strip Café, it’s you who chooses) you may request an “à la carte” private performance from one of our dancers.
Come give in to hedonism and enjoy excellent moments free from perversion.
What could be better?